Frequently Asked Questions


How much does each service at your center cost?

We offer our counseling and supportive services free of charge to men and women. The TCCRC, Inc. Life Coaching services are fee based. A certified TCCRC Life coach will consult with you on an individualized basis for more details.

We accept and graciously encourage donations for the services and support being offered as the main method of paying for overhead costs, materials, books and assessment tools.

Are the counselors licensed professional therapists?

We are a unique peer counseling center. Our counselors are not licensed therapists, but are volunteers who come from various professions and backgrounds, and have received extensive training within a biblical framework to assist men and women in the community on their path to wholeness and healing. 

Is this a way to recruit people for church? Do I have to be in a church to recieve your services?

No. We are not a church. We are simply the hands, feet, arms, and heart of Jesus in motion to love, support and help each man and woman find healing, purpose and meaning in their everyday lives. We offer integrated bible study sessions as well as topic driven support groups that are designed to spiritually enhance, nurture, enrich and grow your faith. 

Can I pick my own counselor and how many sessions will I need?

We believe in stability in order to see real and lasting results.  We take our training and knowledge very serious and each counselor is assigned to each counselee based on their background, experiences and the identified issues/concerns. Our general rule of thumb for each counselee is 90 days. However, if you feel that more time is needed because progress is being made, an extension will be approved. You may at any time discontinue your sessions or put in a written request to change counselors within reason. 

What do I need to do to start receiving counseling and supportive services?

If you are interested in choosing The Compassion Clinic Resource Center to obtain services, please complete the Contact Us information, email or call us. We will get you set up as a walk-in or schedule you an appointment to complete paperwork and meet our personnel. We do not  solicit or share any  of your personal information over the phone or otherwise. We uphold the confidentiality of our personnel, C.A.S.E counselors and you to  the highest and strictest ethical standards. 

What if the questions I have are not on this page?

Not a problem, give us a call and any one of our trained personnel can further assist you.