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The Master's Plan: Why Us?

The Compassion Clinic Resource Center, is a not-for-profit  non-denominational center focused on assisting men and women through the various stages of emotional and spiritual healing. Our entire focus is to truly shower the compassionate heart of Jesus in a safe, non-judgmental, prayerful and supportive environment. We are a faith based organization that takes the Christian tenet of loving thy neighbor as thyself as our foundational anchor. 

We believe we are the missing social link between the community, church and professional institutions. Although we are not a church, we are an active part of the whole body of Christ to assist you on your journey to follow The Master's Plan. So, why Not us?


Journey of a Thousand Tears: Victory In Each Step

You no longer have to walk alone. Here at The Compassion Clinic Resource Center we strive to provide the very best in support, care and compassion as you regain wholeness, restoration and peace of mind. There is a place for you in our community of connected hearts. 

We offer: Support groups to confidentially and courageously share your experiences, Prayer Ministry, Small Group Devotional Bible Studies, Teen Circle and Individualized Life Coaching. 


Compassionate Advocates for Spiritual Enrichment: C.A.S.E Counselors ©

Have you ever heard of peer counseling? At The Compassion Clinic Resource Counseling Center, we pride ourselves on rebuilding our community one C.A.S.E © at a time. Our Compassionate Advocates for Spiritual Enrichment are just like you. They have endured many hardships, traumas, pitfalls, church hurt and made decisions that caused a detour on their plans to an ideal life. What better person to link arms with, than with someone that has quite possibly walked in your very shoes on the same street. If you feel that this is an area of interest, please contact us so we can get you started. 

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The Compassion Clinic Resource Center

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Proverbs 29:18

If people can’t see what God is doing,
they stumble all over themselves;
But when they attend to what he reveals,
they are most blessed.